President: John Hardwick, MD, FACEP
President-Elect: Erin Simmers-Pearson, MD, FACEP
Secretary/Treasurer: Eric Nielsen, MD, FACEP
Immediate Past President: Brian Trimmer MD, FACEP

Board of Directors

Ross P. Berkeley, MD, FACEP
Clarence M. Dunagan, IV, MD, FACEP
Sabina Braithwaite, MD, FACEP – Rural Board of Director

Resident Representatives

Scott P. Goodsell, DO
Mary R. Krogh, DO
Jacob M. Altholz, MD

State Legislative Liaisons

Bret Frey, MD, FACEP
Gregory A. Juhl, MD, FACEP


Sabina A. Braithwaite, MD, FACEP
John Hardwick, MD, FACEP
Erin Simmers-Pearson, MD, FACEP
Eric Nielsen, MD, FACEPĀ 

Alternate Councillor